Founded in 1950 by Lennart Nordin, AB Narpes Tra Och Metall (NTM) is an international engineering company that produces the highest quality refuse and recycling collection vehicles to meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

Through our adopting of a goal-oriented approach to product development and quality, the NTM Group has evolved into one of the biggest international manufacturers of quality refuse and recycling collection vehicles.

Having operated in the UK market for over 20 years, the NTM-GB team have built a strong reputation for product excellence and dedicated customer service, with its wide portfolio of professional product solutions. And this is exemplified by our ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations.

NTM’s vehicle solutions are a firm favourite in both the public and private sector for residual and recycling waste application, offering customers quality and reliability in its vehicles resulting in low life cycle costs, backed up with the exceptional NTM customer service.

Call us today on 01902 365 880 or email sales@ntm-gb.com to discuss your specific requirements.