Unique design for collecting Food & Glass waste with liquid content.

The MAS has been developed for collecting food & glass waste with high fluid content utilising a sealed container for clean efficient collection. MAS is suitable for 2 & 3 axle chassis providing capacity between 10.6m3 to 15m3  with the length of the body tailored to suit the chassis and our FK pod can be added to create a second compartment. The MAS is able to lift containers from 180l to 660l as well as slave bin storage, the binlift can be easily configured to accept a bin weigh system ensuring all rounds maximise the available payload. MAS has a simple construction, with few movable components & yields a high storage capacity and operation security. All cylinders and sensors are located outside of the aggregate to ensure high dependability. The MAS uses a green technology hydraulic system providing a smoother, quieter running system with improved fuel consumption and reducing both cost and impact on the environment

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