We only use genuine parts which are all covered by warranty

Our genuine parts service could not be easier! Every part used in our vehicles is stocked within our stores with worldwide delivery available, we can ship most items to be received the next day. 

Reasons to consider using NTM genuine parts:

• When you buy genuine, you're getting an expertly manufactured part that's backed by warranty coverage.

• Durability: Aftermarket parts are built cost effectively to be used in a variety of brands' vehicles.                            
• Using non-genuine parts in your NTM product could result in the need for parts replacement or even damage repairs.
• Genuine NTM parts offer longevity compared to cost effective/inferior pattern parts which keep vehicle running costs down in the long run.


NTM Quality

All Genuine parts are designed specifically for NTM and therefore will offer exceptional levels of performance, reliability and safety. This also means the parts will fit first time, every time, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum and will perform correctly with other components. 

What are the Benefits?

Whether you operate or maintain Vehicles, we all know that when repairs are needed, you want them carried out as quickly as possible with parts you know you can rely on. By choosing NTM Genuine Parts, you can meet those requirements with ease.

Parts can be identified through our NTM Service Online Portal which is designed to help you find the exact parts you require. You can also contact us and we will be happy to assist you with finding any parts you require.