EV Polybody

The Lightweight Durable Solution on an Electric Chassis

The NTM EV PolyBody is made from tough, durable, polypropylene, which is a superior plastic with numerous qualities that include a high heat resistance. This means that it will not be affected by the elements and is UV stable, it’s non-corrosive, extremely lightweight, non-staining and practically maintenance free. The plastic body can be mounted on almost any chassis and it’s also fully recyclable offering an extended life span so the body can outlive the vehicle on which it’s mounted. The Polybody is manufactured in the UK and the body is practically maintenance free with no requirement for painting or treatment.

The Polybody is the lightweight, durable solution for collection of various waste streams such as clinical, food, street cleansing or WEEE waste. The Plastic Body can be mounted on chassis from 3.5t to 8.5t and delivers a measurable improvement in payload. For operators, this has several significant and tangible benefits including fewer journeys, better collection efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. The flexible body design with several rear & side door combinations can accommodate different waste collection needs, such as bulky loads or food collection and includes a spill deflecting rear aperture, a clean discharge interior as well as a specialised rear door configuration. This all adds up to a vehicle that is tough and protected against food waste leaks.

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