The light & agile 2-chambered loader for collecting two different types of waste

The NTM K-2K is the most functional and practical solution for twin waste stream collection, designed for chassis with gross vehicle weights of 12t – 18t.

The Rear loaded body spit approximately 70% /30%, with a combined estimated volume of 9m3  to 14m3  features a single tailgate with a uniquely designed divider plate in the hopper to minimise cross-contamination and a containment door to the 30% side which remains closed when the 70% side is being discharged.

The single packer plate design of the K-2K reduces weight and maximises the potential payload. Also available with a front pod creating a multi-functional, three compartment vehicle.

The K-2K can be suited to a choice of chassis for optimisation of payload and performance with a minimum footprint and excellent manoeuvrability – a truly bespoke, innovative, and multi-purpose solution. The option of a rear NTM bar lift, with pneumatic bin catcher bar, makes the K-2K capable of lifting containers up to 1100L on 70% side and 360L on 30% side.

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