8 Scary statistics about Waste in the UK.

We found 8 Scary Statistics this Halloween about Waste in the UK.

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8 Scary statistics about Waste in the UK.

1) The average UK household throws away around £470 worth of food that could be eaten every year.
2) The value of food wasted by UK households each year is estimated to be around £14 billion.

3) The UK produces the largest amount of food waste in Europe

4) 18 million tonnes of waste are sent every year to a landfill site in the UK. Much of this could be recycled, composted or used again.

5) Food waste in the UK generates approximately 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, contributing to climate change.
6) The average household in the UK uses around 500 glass bottles and jars every year. Glass takes over 4,000 years to decompose, and it is completely recyclable, so think twice before throwing them in the bin!
7) Around 80% of materials in landfills could have been recycled. From large items to paper, bottles and cans, we can all do more to cut down on how much waste ends up in a landfill site.
8) It takes 50 times more energy to make a battery than the power that you get from the battery. With such a high level of energy used, it might be worth considering rechargeable batteries and making sure you use them until they are completely empty.