Employee Spotlight - Richard Harris

Meet Richard, Service Manager at NTM-GB. Rich joined us just over 2 years ago having previously worked with several national chassis dealerships as the Service Team Leader.

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Employee Spotlight - Richard Harris

What are the benefits of regularly servicing your vehicle?

"Regularly servicing your NTM vehicle offers a multitude of benefits that extend beyond just keeping your Refuse Collection Vehicle running smoothly. First and foremost, routine maintenance helps ensure the safety of the operators. By regularly carrying out inspections, servicing, and preventative maintenance you minimise the risk of any unexpected breakdowns caused by mechanical failures and the possibility of injury to the staff members who work with the vehicle. In addition to safety, regular servicing can significantly improve your vehicle's performance and longevity".

What is your favourite part about your role and why?

"Our customer base is Nationwide and we get to meet all types of characters that have been within the industry for many years. I like to get out and about meeting our customers, whilst visiting them at their workplaces I get to see what they have to deal with daily and gain an insight into what NTM customers need/expect from us as a manufacturer. Some of the technical staff that I have met during site visits always have “interesting” tales to tell that I couldn’t possibly go into detail about on here"!

How would you describe your team?

"We have a good mix of experienced talent here at NTM, plenty who have many years of service within the industry and also a good number from a younger generation who aren’t afraid to offer new ideas and perspectives on business matters. All the departments come together as and when we need them, there is always someone on hand to offer assistance/ideas should the need arise. My team in Aftersales have forged great relationships with our customers and are always working towards our #1 goal of customer satisfaction".

What does your typical day look like & involve?

"Usually varied, it depends on what we are working on at the time and how many vehicles we have within the workshop. I can be in the stores department one minute & one of the production halls the next. I spend a lot of time in our workshop speaking with our very capable & experienced engineers on how work is progressing so the team can update our customers - definitely a great way to get my daily steps in! I also spend a lot of time on the phone with our on-site engineers gaining information & feedback, they are great ambassadors for NTM-GB as they are the faces that our customers know & trust".