TrashUK receive their new refurbished 7.5t K-Midi

TrashUK approached NTM-GB to refurbish a 12-year-old NTM vehicle.

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TrashUK receive their new refurbished 7.5t K-Midi

NTM-GB also assists customers by providing a complete vehicle refurbishment service to keep their fleets in excellent condition. We are committed to meeting our customers' specific needs with innovative solutions. A prime example of this is one of our valued customers, "TrashUK" a municipal hire and repair company based in Evesham, Worcestershire who have 80 years combined experience handling refuse vehicles.

TrashUK approached NTM-GB to refurbish a 12-year-old NTM vehicle that was showing significant wear and nearing the end of its service life.

After thoroughly evaluating TrashUK's needs, We proposed a tailored solution that involved refurbishing their 7.5t K-Midi to align with their requirements.

The K-Midi is essential to TrashUK's fleet due to its reputation as a compact, maneuverable vehicle that can easily access narrow and hard-to-reach areas. Our after-sales team of service engineers carried out a complete refurbishment of the vehicle, removing the body from the original chassis to start the process. Following a visual inspection, the engineers proceeded to dismantle all components for assessment. New chassis to body wiring looms were installed, and the body was prepared before being mounted onto a new Isuzu chassis. Adjustments were made to fit the old-style body onto the new chassis, and once this was completed and the body reattached, the rebuilding process commenced.

Ryan Price of Trashuk said

โ€œThe reason why we chose to refurbish an older vehicle body onto a new chassis was due to the professional approach given by NTM and the quick turnaround times. We chose to put it onto an Isuzu chassis because of the reliability of both body and chassis combined together.โ€

During the rebuild, reusable parts were retained, and unserviceable components were replaced. The vehicle was upgraded with new LED lighting systems to meet current standards, a new camera system, and an LED beacon on the cab roof. After the body was completed, it was fully resprayed and meticulously inspected to ensure it was of the highest quality. Final checks and decals were added before the vehicle passed its IVA test and was ready for the road.

Richard Harris, NTM-GB Service Manager

โ€œIt's impressive to see a 12-year-old vehicle restored to its original condition; some employees even mistook it for a new vehicle! We worked closely with Ryan from TrashUK to meet their requirements within budget. The before and after photos show a significant transformation, and it's hard to believe the body is twelve years old! We're very pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with TrashUK in the very near future, assisting with refurbishment on more of the vehicles in their fleet.โ€

Ryan went on to add

โ€œOur working relationship with NTM was excellent throughout the process. We were kept informed at each stage with photos, site visits, and a thorough handover of the completed vehicle. We have now delivered this vehicle to a customer who is unaware that this is not a brand-new vehicle off the production line, this goes to show the professional job that was carried out. Refurbishing an older body resulted in significant savings compared to buying new. With Trash UK hiring out vehicles and the market rates not increasing year on year it seems the way to goโ€.

Given the growing pressure on customers to prolong the life of vehicles, increase the lifetime of equipment and the limitations with capital expenditure - The option of refurbishing current/existing equipment is and can be of great benefit and can offer significant advantages. We look forward to working with TrashUK in the very near future, assisting with refurbishments on more of the vehicles in their fleet.

TrashUK concluded

โ€œWe are absolutely delighted with the outcome and look forward to adding more of these high-quality refurbished vehicles to our growing fleet.โ€

If you want to find out more about how you could prolong the life of your vehicle at the same time as achieving significant cost savings, contact us today!



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